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Guthrie Devine, I’ve lived with Asperger’s Syndrome my entire life

Answered Aug 7, 2017

Absolutely. These Anti-Vaxxers aren’t merely science deniers, though they certainly are that as well. No, they’re also something far more insidious. The entire Anti-Vaxxer movement is rooted in hatred, the same hatred that fueled the evils of the Eugenics movement around the turn of the century and the industrialized slaughter of millions of dis- and differently-abled people at the hands of the Nazis during WWII. These are people with such a profound hatred of people with autism that they’d rather willfully endanger the lives of their own children than take any risk, however imaginary, of them “catching it”.

Listen to the way they talk. Listen to how often you here “autism stole my child from me” and similar statements. As far as they’re concerned, if their child receives an autism diagnosis, their child is dead. No, worse than dead, because to them it’s far better to die a horrible, painful, and preventable death by polio or influenza or something similarly horrid than to live a happy, healthy, and productive life with autism. As far as they’re concerned, people with autism—people like me—aren’t people at all. We’re nothing but soulless, subhuman filth with no capacity for thoughts, or feelings, or hopes, or dreams, or aspirations whatsoever. We’re Untermenschen, the “Neurotypical” Man’s Burden, fit only to be slaughtered like the animals we are, and I’ve absolutely no doubt they’d do so if they thought they could get away with it. I can’t say for certain that they’d stop with us.

This us what we’re dealing with. And this is why they must be stopped. They can triumph only if the good men and women of the world do nothing.


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