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BECOME AN ORGANIC NATION. GMO labeling is not good enough. Everything can be grown organically. Therefore, everything should be grown organically. Organic crops will sell for more. Our farmers will earn more. Farm workers and all of us will all be less contaminated.

BAN ROUNDUP. The World Health Organization has categorized Roundup has confirmed carcinogen in animals and therefore a probable carcinogen in humans. Other countries are banning Roundup. We should too. Robots can remove weeds, so Roundup is unnecessary.

STOP DRILLING NOW. All new oil company capital should go into building solar, wind, wave, and tidal. “Hey Shell Oil, how much did you spend? $8 billion in the Chukchi Sea. You left. You said there was no oil. But really there’s a lot. $8 billion would build enough solar, enough solar power to permanently power 230,000 homes.

Non-broadcasting electronic meters and broadcasting smart meters are not grounded and not sufficiently surge protected. Electronic meters run constantly and raise utility bills. They catch fire. It is impossible to buy insurance to cover the harms caused by microwave radiation. Electronic meters are more expensive than analog meters. They last only last 5 to 7 years, while analog meters last 30 years. Smart meters blast out powerful microwave pulses up to 190,000 times per day, driving away birds and insects. For some humans the effect is debilitating. For all of us the effect of microwaves can cause harm, depending on proximity and years of exposure. The WHO says microwaves are Type 2B carcinogens. Schools and businesses should be hard wired. Wi-Fi should mostly be turned off. High frequency G5 “small” cell towers the size of refrigerators on every block will fry us all. Total microwave exposure is the issue. Our goal should be fiber to each home, business, school, and Starbucks, with ethernet plugins everywhere for computers and cell phones. Get Lightning to RJ45 connectors for iPhones and turn on airplane mode. Turn off Wi-Fi in schools, homes, businesses. Put cell phones in airplane mode when children play with them. Elon Musk plans to put up 30,000 5G satellites, which will disrupt the ionosphere. There will be no place to hide. Electronic and smart meters are a profitable fraud.

BUILD FIBER OPTIC INTERNET. The irony of 5G is that 5G cells must be interconnected by fiber optic cables. It makes more sense to extend fiber optic cables a few extra feet to each building. Finland has done it. It is a business magnet. Mt. Vernon WA offers one gigabyte up and down for $70 per month! Comcast and the other carriers have semi-monopolies and are making enormous profits selling us relatively slow connections.

DOOR-TO-DOOR TRANSIT CAN ELIMINATE THE NEED TO OWN A CAR. Mass transit will never realize its full potential without a good way to get riders too and from mass transit Using UberX smart phone technology, ride sharing, and a flex-van system, we could deliver more riders to transit centers and take a third of the cars off the road. We could fill up the vans and buses, take in more revenues, lessen our subsidy of sometimes empty busses, and have more capital left over to expand light rail. With door-to-door transit it would be possible to get to the transit center, grocery store, and to work without owning a car.

STOP ADDING TOXIC WASTE TO OUR DRINKING WATER. So-called fluoride added to our drinking water is another profitable fraud. Fluorosilicic acid is toxic waste filth from phosphate fertilizer production. It is a cocktail of lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and thallium. Each liter of Seattle fluoridated Seattle water contains 3 trillion atoms of lead and 2 trillion atoms of arsenic, which come as a bonus with the fluoride. Further, fluorosilicic acid leaches lead from plumbing. Fluoride harms the growing fetus and children most. It lowers IQ. It is expensive. There are much better ways to prevent tooth decay. Fluoridation is an assault, a waste of money, a chemical company scam to sell toxic waste at a profit. Water fluoridation, fluoride in the dental office, and fluoride toothpaste are all quackery and profitable frauds.


Fluoridated water and Roundup from wheat farming and residential use drain into streams and rivers. Roundup repels and kills salmon. Likewise, fluoride repels and kills salmon. We cannot support salmon recovery while continuing to add these poisons to our streams and rivers. We should ban them from our watersheds.

BAN COAL TRAINS. Coal is filthy to mine and filthy to transport. Coal cars are open to the wind. Up to a ton of coal can blow off each open car during transportation. Coal dust is laden with mercury, which blows out with the coal dust and then runs into the Sound, where it contaminates fish. Coal trains violate littering laws and water pollution laws. It violates Indian treaties.

CLOSE NUCLEAR PLANTS, RELOCATE WASTE. The Columbia Generation Station is substantially the same GE model as the Fukushima reactors which melted down and exploded in 2011. It is dirty, dangerous, and expensive. It regularly vents radioactive gasses. It is located downstream from earthen dams which could fail in an earthquake. It could flood and catch on fire. Most nuclear power plants are located along the coasts. Song lyrics: “A comet will fall into Atlantic. Tsunami cross Pacific. Will overtop the coastal nukes. Plutonium catch fire and burn. Once alight those nukes will burn. Will burn for a thousand years. We will live underground. Come out only in hazmat.”

POWER AIRPLANES WITH HYDROGEN. SWITCH TO AIRSHIPS. Flying consumes vast amounts of petroleum and deposits the waste into the stratosphere. The best solution is aircraft burning liquified hydrogen. The problem with batteries is they are heavy, and mining the rare minerals needed to make batteries is destructive. Freight could be moved by airships, which travel more slowly, but which can operate on solar power.

THE CDC VACCINES DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD, SHOULD BE PUT ON HOLD. Thehealthiestchildren are the unvaccinated Amish kids and chiropractors’ kids. A CDC study concluded that the MMR causes autism. CDC officials then held a garbage can party and threw out enough subjects to change the conclusion. Not one of the common CDC childhood vaccines has been double blind tested against inert placebo. Only two people in the US have died from measles in the past 10 years, while around 108 have died from taking the MMR. Package inserts disclose serious adverse reactions. The insert for the MMR lists as one possible adverse reaction “death”. The CDC vaccines contain numerous toxic adjuvants. They contain undigested foreign DNA, which causes allergic reactions and autoimmune reactions. The CDC, like many state and federal agencies and colleges, has been taken over by the drug industry it regulates. The CDC vaccines are experimental. They should not be made mandatory.

AIRPLANES ARE SPRAYING TOXIC WASTE OVER ALL THE NATO COUNTRIES. There are two kinds of conspiracy theories. There are unproven conspiracy theories such as the earth being flat. On the other hand, some conspiracy theories turn out to be conspiracy fact. It is a fact that thousands of airplanes are spraying thousands of tons of an aerosol almost every day here in Seattle. The aerosol spreads out and makes the entire sky white. This has been going on for many years now. This is done with no vote, no hearing, and no explanation for the purpose. This is covert action in plain view. But most people ignore the spraying. Most people assume that the spraying is normal contrail emissions from normal planes. But there are days where there are no chemtrails at all, usually on the weekend, even though commercial planes are still flying. Commercial planes only rarely make contrails anymore, and when they do, the contrails dissipate in a few minutes. So, the persistent chemtrails are something different. Most people do not look up. Most people fixate on the bumper ahead or their cell phone. Look up and ask yourself what is being sprayed on us, and what is it that we are inhaling? Chemtrails even appear now in movies and children’s animated movies. Researchers have collected and analyzed chemtrail spray and have determined that it contains mercury, aluminum, barium, and other metals and that the only possible source is coal fly ash from the wet scrubbers in the smoke stacks of coal burning electrical plants. The EPA requires capture of the coal fly ash, which piles up in massive tailing ponds. So, the EPA allowed coal plants to use coal fly ash to make concrete, drywall, roadbed, shingles, and other products. It is also used to make chemtrail spray. The metals being sprayed are positively charged and therefore hang in the air for a long time. They can be heated up by beaming microwave radiation into them. Hot spots can be used to redirect weather, even thousands of miles away. Some claim the spraying is done to shade us against the sun and lessen global warming. If cooling is the purpose, then why is spraying done even in winter? Aluminum and other metals sprayed on forests kills trees and makes them burn hotter. This is an environmental issue that should not be ignored.

CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE. MONEY IS NOT SPEECH. Corporations can be a source for good or ill, depending on the code of ethics given to them. If their code calls only for-profit maximization, the corporation becomes a malignant form of artificial intelligence. Corporate shareholders have limited liability. Corporations can shut down and abandon the tailing ponds and nuclear plants they have made. Or they can live eternally. We must demand that corporations have a code of ethics in which “profits must be goal number two, after doing something good for the world”.

STRENGTHEN THE GREEN PARTY PLATFORM. STRENGTHEN THE GREEN NEW DEAL. Mostare naïve when it comes to politics. We have naïve Democrats, naïve Republicans, and naïve greens. Greed knows no limits. A corporation without a green code of ethics is a malignant form of artificial intelligence. The Green Party platform should be greener. The Green New Deal should be greener.


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