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October 19, 2013

See movie: Genetic Roulette

An Open Letter to Governor Jay Insley

Dear Governor Insley,

I have read your book Apollo’s Fire, and I have long thought of you as an environmentalist. So I was surprised to learn that you are taking no position on Initiative 522.

Monsanto and friends are creating GMO chimeras so they can patent them (which should not be allowed), soak plants with pesticides which they are programmed to tolerate, prohibit seed saving, and thus monopolize markets and maximize profits.

Monsanto and friends release these Frankenfoods recklessly into the environment without proper testing. Once released, there is no way to call them back. Many countries are banning GMO imports, and they will not buy our organic and non-GMO foods if they become contaminated with GMO genes, which is highly likely if we keep going down the GMO road.

Monsanto and friends have engineered crops that produce their own BT and neonicotinoid insecticides. Some insects are becoming immune to these, while others such as pollinator bees and monarch butterflies are being killed off.

“Environmental campaigner George Monbiot has called Neonicotinoids ‘the new DDT’ because, he states, ‘they were licensed for widespread use before they had been properly tested’ and ‘are now ripping the natural world apart’”.

GMO crops produce food which contain more Roundup and other pesticide residues. They promote development of super weeds. GMO crops are not as nutritious as non-GMO crops. They do not yield more. They are not more drought tolerant. They just produce more profit for Monsanto and friends.

I called your office Friday and left a short message with your assistant which concluded with the word “disgraceful”. Jay, are you an environmentalist, or just another Monsanto man?

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James Robert Deal, Attorney
WSBA number 8103

See movie: Genetic Roulette

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