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GMO crops are not healthier to consume; in fact, they are unhealthy to consume. The use of Roundup does not build soil fertility; in fact its use destroys bacteria which enable plants to take up minerals from the soil. GMO crops do not save the consumer money.

GMO products are good for one thing, and that is to promote the sale of Roundup – regardless of the harm to plants, animals, humans, and the entire biosphere.

Snohomish County can and should ban the growing of commercial GMO crops. It could go further and ban the sale of Roundup within its boundaries. Could it go further and ban the planting of GMO lawns? Yes, GMO lawns are coming, and gullible consumers will spray them dilligently with Roundup, a slow acting but eventually very potent poison.

Watch the entire movie – Seeds of Deception and buy Gary Null’s book by the same title.James-Robert-Deal-in-his-garden-small-size-color-photo



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