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To the Seattle Times and Eric Lacitus,


You wrote well. But there is more to the story.

What happened in Flint is happening here although at lower lead concentrations.

Some acids leach lead. Both chlorine and silicic acid (which comes from fluorosilicic acid) leach lead.

When Tacoma stopped fluoridating, lead levels dropped by half.

The amazing thing is that fluorosilicic acid actually contains lead (and arsenic). It adds as much as .8 ppb lead, in addition to the lead it leaches.

We should quit fluoridating. We should greatly reduce chlorination. We should ozonate at the water plant. Add less acid and you get less lead leaching – immediately, before you replace the plumbing.

This is a major health issue. I hope Seattle Times will lead the way. There are misinformed so-called experts who believe in fluoridation, and they will scream loudly and put a lot of pressure on the Times not to mention the word “fluoridation” in connection with the lead issue.

They will tell you that fluoridation reduces tooth decay 25%. But that is not good enough to justify the negative aspects of the commercial grade fluorosilicic acid. And there are other ways to administer fluoride without adding it to the water.

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