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Michael Connett, FAN’s attorney, gives a detailed update on the progression of the TSCA fluoride lawsuit. You can help fund this important effort by donating to FAN today:

Michael Connett says: "We are leaving no stone unturned. The court will hear the best evidence that’s available on this issue."

Fluoridation Lawsuit Update – Michael Connett Video – FAN wins every round of this complex suit. 12-30-18.

Fluoridation is a profitable fraud. It is certified to be safe by a self serving trade group, the NSF. Fluoridated water is slow poison. Each liter of fluoridated water contains 3 trillion atoms of lead and 2 trillion atoms of arsenic. They would not be there but for the fact that they come along with the fluoride. Further, fluoride leaches lead. There is a way to eliminate lead completely.

The fluorosilicic acid is toxic waste grade filth. It also contains mercury, cadmium, and thallium. The proof comes from EPA approved reports.

Fluoride toothpaste is another profitable fraud and should be banned. Dentists should be prohibited from using fluoride in their practices. There are better ways. The body needs absolutely no good fluoride to be healthy and have perfect teeth. Fluoride is hard to excrete, so it accumulates in bones, which can only take so much of it. Fluoridated water discharged from treatment plants – rich in toothpaste spit – has more than enough fluoride in it to turn back and kill salmon.

So … Donate to the Fluoride Action Network. 802-338-5577


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