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The law in Washington says that fluoridation materials must “comply with” NSF Rule 60. NSF is the trade association which the EPA has authorized to certify fluoridation materials to be safe.

The fluoridation materials currently used to fluoridate most water districts fail the risk estimation test spelled out in NSF Rule 60. Chemicals added may not exceed 10% of the EPA maximum contaminant level (MCL). The MCL for fluoride is 4 ppm, and 10% of 4 ppm is .4 ppm. Fluoridation either adds .7 ppm fluoride, which exceeds 10% of the MCL. Therefore fluoridation materials do not “comply with” NSF Rule 60 and with Washington law. Some 47 states and several provinces and countries have the same rule.

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Motion for Reconsideration to Inslee

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