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From:                    James Robert Deal
Contact:                425-771-1110,
To:                          All media
For release:           July 6, 2015

On June 24 the Seattle Times editorial board interviewed the candidates for Snohomish County Executive. The questions were shallow and predictable, mostly the same questions asked last year. The board did not ask the hard questions – about Paine Field, traffic congestion, so-called fluoridation, smart meters, a fiber-optic internet, and non-partisan county government.

In my closing statement I criticized the Editorial Board for not raising these issues.

The Board did not ask about commercial air service at Paine Field. Dave and John support it. I oppose it.

The Board did not ask about fluoridation. John and Dave support fluoridation. The Republican candidate, Robert Sutherland, has said that he does not consider it an important issue. See:

The Herald has mentioned some but not all of these major issues and labels my campaign as “quixotic”.

Regarding commercial air service at Paine Field: Once any level of commercial service is started, there will be no limit on adding more. SeaTac is maxed out. We could end up in 20 years with a Paine Field that has more flights than SeaTac.

Commercial service will be loud and will affect all of the county from Marysville south. It will reduce property values and thus reduce property tax income to government far more than any subsidies we might receive from the FAA. The FAA will not force Paine Field to initiate commercial service if we point out that there are far more profitable uses for Paine Field land than to house another SeaTac.

Some favor commercial service at Paine Field because they dislike driving through Seattle. This is not a valid reason. Never take your car to SeaTac. Take a freeway bus to downtown Seattle; transfer to Link light rail; and you are at SeaTac in a few minutes. See

Regarding traffic congestion: If I am elected I will have a seat on the Sound Transit Board. The Board has absolutely no idea what to do about traffic congestion. They need some fresh ideas. I have proposed a flex van system which would deliver door-to-door service. It would utilize an Uber-like smart phone app for requesting rides.

It should not be necessary to own a car to get around. A car costs $700 per month to own and maintain. Riding flex vans would cost much less. The vans would fill up, pay their own way, and fill up the freeway buses.

Most of us drive single occupancy, filling up the roads. The way to get a third of the drivers to leave their cars at home is to make it easy to get to and from the transit station – or the mall, or the restaurant.

Our current bus system does not pick us up where we are nor take us all the way to where we are going. So most of us do not use it. Most local buses are driven around mostly empty most of the time, wasting our sales tax money. With door-to-door service, you can take a nap on the way to work instead of fighting traffic. Underused local buses would be moved to the freeway. The system would run a lower deficit, so more money would be available to complete Link Light Rail. The Herald commented that my flex van proposal was “good”. See

Both Dave Somers and John Lovick support so-called fluoridation. Robert Sutherland says it is not an important issue. It does not reduce tooth decay. It affects the fetus and baby most and lowers IQ. It weakens bones and discolors teeth. Most of the world has banned it. There are better alternatives. To boot, so-called fluoride kills salmon. See

I am strongly opposed to smart meters. PUD is planning to install them. They really do make some people sick. If you bedroom is near the meter, you will get a good zapping. They use cell phone technology to report usage and are subject to hacking. They are expensive. They raise utility bills. They catch fire. And there are much better, hard-wired alternatives. See

I will urge our PUD to divest its ownership interest in the Columbia Generating Station nuclear plant at Hanford. It is close to a major earthquake fault. It could be the next Oso but a trillion times worse. See

I support a county fiber optic internet. It would attract high-tech businesses. Mount Vernon and Chattanooga deliver one gig up and one gig down for $70 per month! See
The World Health Organization has declared Roundup to be a Type 2A carcinogen. I propose that the county ban Roundup and declare itself an organic county, as other counties and other countries have done. Agriculture would flourish, our farmers would get rich, and we would be less poinsoned.

Roundup and fluoride both kill salmon. It is illogical to expect salmon runs to recover when we poison salmon waters? See

I support making all county offices non-partisan. Most of the issues which divide Democrats and Republicans on the federal and state level do not apply on the county level. See


James Robert Deal
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