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Geo is The Way to Go!

Replace your Gas Furnace with Geothermal Water Furnace &

Enjoy all the Benefits!

Unfortunately, most homes in the US are heated and cooled as shown below:


Geothermal is the smartest way to heat, cool and generate domestic Hot water. The heat is reliable, infinite and almost FREE! Geothermal uses 1 unit of electrical energy to produce about 4 unit of energy in the form of heat, producing about 3 units of energy from right under foot.

Geothermal is the one of the only non-intermittent renewable source of energy. As such, it works 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year! The sun doesn’t have to shine or the wind doesn’t to blow for a geothermal system to work. The system is also not affected by the fluctuation of ambient temperature. Whether it is raining, snowing or anything else, the system work just the same since the deep earth ground temperature is constant and it is not affected the ambient temperature fluctuation or the like. All these benefits make Geothermal the on of the most reliable source of energy!!!

If you replace your Gas Furnace with Geothermal, this may be how it will look like:


Geothermal forced air system doesn’t look too different than a Gas forced air system but you still get all the benefits of a Geothermal HVAC system. All mechanical components are housed in doors, so the system will serve you, without a decline in performance and mechanical failure, for years.

Benefits Of Geothermal HVAC Systems

• Save 50% – 70% On Your Energy Bill When You Switch To Geothermal

  • Geothermal provides a homeowner with inexpensive utility costs that are considerably lower any other HVAC system on the market

• Increase Your Property Value
– Better Homes Sell for More, and with Geothermal, you can Offer a Better Home with a Higher Property Value to Increase Your Profit

• Family Friendly System With No Pollutant Usage
– Set Yourself Apart From the Rest by Offering a System that is Apart from and Better than the Rest

• Provides Great Flexibility in Design & Installation
– Allows for greater creativity in the design of the home, therefore allowing you to build more luxurious and complex homes

• Virtually Free Domestic Hot Water & Cooling
– In the summer, geothermal uses the heat gathered from your home to heat your hot water

• Increased Comfort & Reliability
– Our geothermal system can be designed for optimal comfort & for areas that are subject to power outages allowing heating and hot water to still be working

• Higher Efficiency

  • The chart below shows how much more efficient geothermal is than conventional systems. Every 1 unit of electricity, geothermal gets 4 units free!


Did this article interest you? Find out more about how geothermal can increase your quality of life so you can start living better. If you are tired of paying premiums for an HVAC system that’s not so premium, contact us today. Call me at 206-769-3532 or Email me at sam with your Name, Number, and House Plan so you can start designing your dream home.

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