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From James Robert Deal

Sovereignty derives from human beings, not from fictional persons such as corporations. We can ban smart meters, 5G, Roundup, factory farming, and other such vices by asserting our right to water, for example, which is compromised by fracking.

Paul Cienfuegos on Community Rights Movement:

Paul’s T-Shirt says:

Slavery is the legal fiction that a person is property.

A Corporation is the legal fiction that property is a person.


Corporate Personhood, Paul Cienfuegos:

“I’m not aware of any other social movement going on in the US today that has the power to challenge and win against corporate rule, push back and dismantle corporate rights, and enshrine rights for actual human beings,” asserts Community Rights US Program Director & Lead Trainer Paul Cienfuegos. Local Community Rights ordinances are not only stripping “rights” from corporations, but asserting that nature has rights. Two Oregon counties have submitted a “Right to Local Food Systems” ordinance which forbids genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and protects heritage seeds. Even more, it asserts the right to fully-functioning natural communities, even requiring a corporation to restore whatever it has disrupted. Are these ordinances being challenged? Yes they are, but Paul explains how corporation leaders who want to sue are forced to do so on the community’s terms – a brilliant strategy. Episode 259. [CommunityRights.US,,, YouTube channel “Community Rights TV”] To watch more: Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 1 : Peak Moment TV exists because of viewers like you. Subscribe to news and donate at, right side. Thanks for being in the Peak Moment community. Visit Peak Moment on: Facebook:… GooglePlus:… Janaia on Facebook: Twitter: (handle: @peakmomenttv) iTunes:…


The theory of state preeminence over local governments was expressed as Dillon’s Rule in an 1868 case: “Municipal corporations owe their origin to, and derive their powers and rights wholly from, the legislature. It breathes into them the breath of life, without which they cannot exist. As it creates, so may it destroy. If it may destroy, it may abridge and control”.[2] By contrast, the Cooley Doctrine, or the doctrine of home rule, expressed the theory of an inherent right to local self-determination. In a concurring opinion, Michigan Supreme Court Judge Thomas M. Cooley in 1871 stated, “local government is a matter of absolute right; and the state cannot take it away”.[3]


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