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Colorado Medicare For All Makes The Ballot

We breathlessly await confirmation from the Secretary of State that the 158,831 signatures submitted on Oct. 23 are more than adequate to qualify ColoradoCare for the ballot in 2016.  Think about what you did!!  Let’s take it the rest of the way.

Your financial contribution may never be needed more than it is right now.  It’s the early money that creates the framework for ultimate success.

Look what we have done together:

  • Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Healthcare group supports ColoradoCare (11/ 7) “We urge PDA allies around the country to do the same.”
  • Healthcare-NOW supports ColoradoCare (11/4) and “urge our affiliates and our members to join the effort….”
  • “Bernie Sanders: Colorado could ‘lead the nation’ with its universal healthcare ballot measure.” (10/26 Colorado Independent)

We are preparing now for the campaign to the voters.  The blood, sweat, tears (and money) you sacrificed so each of us can have this chance at health care with a system that works, was done when you didn’t know how much your efforts would matter.  Well, your efforts mattered.  And they will even more during the next 12 months.

We know that BIG MONEY interests are going to fight viciously to protect their huge profits. We can’t hope to match the millions of dollars they will spend to spread their lies and distortions. But we can get 50% + 1 votes if we can reach enough people with the TRUTH. Organizing is the key to winning.

We need $250,000 by December 31st.  Before the end of the year polling needs to be done.  Before the end of the year campaign consultants will help ColoradoCareYES develop a winning campaign plan and hire an outstanding campaign manager.  Before the end of the year, messaging, marketing and media plans will be developed.  The ColoradoCare campaign will be ready to launch in January, but only with dedicated work that officially began on October 23rd. Please donate money now, and your time, skills, energy, passion, and legwork in a few weeks.

You got us into this—thank you!
If you prefer, send a check to:
575 W Mulberry St
Louisville, CO 80027



575 W Mulberry St
Louisville, CO 80027

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