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On January 6, 2017, Dr, Daniel Neides, medical director and chief operating officer of the Cleveland Clinic posted remarks which questioned the adjuvants added to vaccines. He said:

Does the vaccine burden – as has been debated for years – cause autism? I don’t know and will not debate that here. What I will stand up and scream is that newborns without intact immune systems and detoxification systems are being over-burdened with PRESERVATIVES AND ADJUVANTS IN THE VACCINES.

The adjuvants, like aluminum – used to stimulate the immune system to create antibodies – can be incredibly harmful to the developing nervous system. Some of the vaccines have helped reduce the incidence of childhood communicable diseases, like meningitis and pneumonia. That is great news. But not at the expense of neurologic diseases like autism and ADHD increasing at alarming rates.

Dr. Neides received a storm of criticism. See

Doctors began sharing the story and condemning the message on Twitter soon after, calling it “dangerous misinformation” and asking the Clinic to discipline Neides.

Clinic officials quickly distanced themselves from Neides’ words, saying the doctor penned and submitted the post on his own and the column “absolutely does not reflect the position of the hospital.” In a statement on Twitter, the Clinic said: “We fully support vaccines to protect patients & employees. Statements made by our physician do not reflect the position of Cleveland Clinic.”

Two days later was forced to issue a retraction. He said:

“I apologize and regret publishing a blog that has caused so much concern and confusion for the public and medical community. I fully support vaccinations and my concern was meant to be positive around the safety of them.”


I sent an email to Dr. Neides saying:

Your criticism of vaccine adjuvants was well taken, and you should not back down. An open discussion of such issues is well taken. See my attorney analysis of vaccines:

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