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To: Don Gough, Loren Simmonds, Micola Smith, Mark Smith, Chris Boyer, Michael Moore, Ian Cotton, Shirley Sutton, Jim Smith, Doug Lovitt, Dave Mayers, Maria Ambalada, Ruth Ross,welcome-to-lynnwood


I am trying to decide which candidates to vote for in the mayor and city council races.

I am concerned about the commercial grade, so-called fluoride being added to our drinking water. It contains lead and arsenic and leaches lead from pipes.

Portland voted against fluoridation 61% to 39%. See It is probable that a majority of Lynnwood residents would prefer to drink water which is free of these contaminants.

Lynnwood could negotiate a change in this policy with Everett, the source of our water.

Peter Steinbrueck, candidate for Seattle mayor, has made a commitment that if elected he will convene a committee to explore the potential risks of continuing drinking water fluoridation.

Would you, if elected, vote to convene a committee to expore the potential risks of continuing drinking water fluoridation?


James Robert Deal , Attorney
PO Box 2276 Lynnwood WA 98036
Telephone: 425-771-1110
Fax: 425-776-8081



From Loren Simmons:

Mr. Deal and Ms.Hamilton ~

I am responding to both of you with the same e-mail message  since both of you asked about the same issue — fluoride in our drinking water.

After the mayoral and council races are completed in early November, I would be open to asking the new Council if they would like to add this to their work agenda in 2014.  This is a determination that they would make unless the citizens put together an adequate petition to require the issue to be put on the ballot next year.

I would also remind you that the Alderwood Water District supplies the water to Lynnwood and several other South County Cities. In turn, the Water District gets their water from Everett who has control over the supply. My point is that it is a bit more complicated than it might appear on the surface.

And finally, Mr. Deal if you are elected to the City Council, you can serve as the legislative sponsor to head up such  a recommendation for our community.

Blessings on you both . . .


Loren Simmonds


From Jim Smith:


We spoke briefly after the event at Edmonds Community College.  I committed to discussing the issue with you after the election.  I am still willing to do that, but cannot commit to a vote without understanding the issue.  I hope you can appreciate that. 

Jim Smith  CFII  MLO #112919 
Atlas Mortgage
Senior Mortgage Advisor 
425-218-2150 (cell)   425-775-7283  (office)   
A Division of Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corp. WA CL-81395
Equal Housing Lender


From Dave Mayers:

Mr. Deal,


Fluoride has been in our drinking water for many years. I remember as a youngster the battle about putting fluoride in drinking water. I guess the pro-fluoride won because it is in our water. Not only in the Northwest but in most if not all states. I would be willing to explore other options should they become available. Possibly piggyback from Seattle’s findings.

Dave Mayers


Response to Dave Mayers from James:

It is not clear whether Peter Steinbruck will make it through the primary.

The problem is that once a multi-billion dollar cash flow gets going, it is hard to stop. The chemical companies donate heavily to medical and dental schools and get “their people” appointed to influential chairs. From

THE BLINDNESS INDUCED BY GREED. The PR manipulators who sold us fluoride are the same ones who sold us tetraethyl lead. Chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and toothpaste companies buy legislators and donate to dental and medical colleges, which indoctrinate dentists and physicians to endorse fluoridation. We trust government agencies and those with MD and DDS after their names. The ADA tells dentists that they need not try to understand the science behind fluoridation. They need only accept the mystery and spread the gospel of fluoridation. Dentists and researchers who question it have been fired and have had theircareers ruined. Once started, a money-making scam is hard to stop.

Lynnwood could petition Everett to provide non-contaminated water regardless of what Seattle does.

Thanks for responding. All I ask is that minds be open.


James Robert Deal , Attorney
PO Box 2276 Lynnwood WA 98036
Telephone: 425-771-1110
Fax: 425-776-8081

From Shirley Sutton:

Hi James,

Following the Candidates Forum at Edmonds CC, we spoke and you gave me an information sheet regarding your concerns.  I expressed that I was interested in the awareness you created around contaminants imposed in our water source.

I believe in health, wellness and advocate for all community residents to have access to resources to maintain their health.  I do not profess to know all the issues around the fluoridation issues as I have not researched in depth like you did.  I know this issue is a concern for many and there are regulations, ordinances to consider.  As the former Paul Havey said “…and now for the rest of the story”.

The City of Lynnwood partners with the Snohomish Health Department regarding “Healthy Communities”.  After hearing your recent presentation and reading the information sheet, I am committed to explore and become an advocate for safe water for all of our residents and review present regulations.  My first step is to form a committee of concerned citizens and gather their input and/or educate them on the current dangers is highly important.  Inviting professionals that can speak to the dangers can provide clarity to resolution.

You are a candidate for the Council and I hope you will continue to voice your concerns on this important issue.


Shirley Sutton

From Nicola Smith:


Hello James,I just got off work so I can respond to your question.

I will support the formation of committees to explore issues and concerns that our constituents in Lynnwood face. I do not know how “formal” committees are appointed by the city but I certainly support the gathering of citizens to become informed and propose possibilities to make our city a safe and healthy place to live.


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