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We’ve been busy! The campaign to stop 5G is underway. We have a new video, and a new plan for building our coalition. In fact, we have a new coalition! We have talking points and suggested scripts, all aimed at helping us do one thing:
Make the phones ring in Washington, DC!
Read on!
First things first. We have a new video, called "Sophie and the 5G Wireless Antenna." It’s a short animated video that gets right to the point.

And here’s the cool thing: we will customize this video with the names and phone numbers of your legislators in Washington, so you can share it on social media with people in your neighborhood, your city, or your organization. All you have to do is promise to get your customized video to at least 25 people who will make phone calls to Washington.

Watch the Video Now
To order your customized video, just send your name, address and organization to gee. In a few days you’ll have your own video you can post on your social media pages and share with friends, family and neighbors. It’s free, of course 🙂
Oh, and about that coalition….
Americans for Responsible Technology is a new coalition designed to focus attention on the 5G issue. The idea is to bring together the many groups and individuals across the country who are concerned about wireless technology, and use our combined numbers to strengthen our message in Washington.

Here is our Declaration of Principles:

We believe in science. Independent, peer-reviewed and published science unencumbered by industry influence is critical to decision-making that is in the best interests of the people.

We believe in policies that evolve with science. Scientific thought changes as new discoveries are made and old hypotheses are disproved. Government agencies must ensure that policies are updated as science develops.

We believe we have a moral obligation to protect the next generation. Our children depend on us, and on government leaders, to protect their health, safety, security and well-being, and to place this obligation above all others.

We believe in local control over the deployment of technology in our neighborhoods. Americans elect local leaders to represent their interests and respond to the unique needs and aesthetics of each community.

We reject the rush to roll out 5G technology across America.
We believe this effort is based on an outdated understanding of the science, is unwarranted and dangerous, eviscerates local control and places the interests of a single industry ahead of those of the American people.

We call on our representatives in Washington to heed the call of independent scientists, medical professionals and public health experts around the world who are warning of the dangers of this technology, and to reject any proposal to use public funds or public property to facilitate the deployment of expanded wireless networks.

If you agree with our principles and would like to add your organization, your group or your association to the coalition, please send an email with the name of your group and your location to gee. We will be listing all the towns and cities where we have supporters.

What’s the point of all this?

We want to make the phones ring in Washington, to raise the issue with legislators and let them hear directly from VOTERS IN THEIR DISTRICT. They need to know this is a critical issue to us and that we will hold them accountable. The more phone calls we can generate, the better our chances. That’s why we need you and 25 of your friends to start making calls.
What do you say when you make the call to Washington?

We’ve put some suggested talking points up on the TelecomPowerGrabwebsite, and we will include more detailed ideas when we send you your custom video.

But this is your issue and you should tell your story. Keep it brief, stay on message, and remember to do two things before you hang up: Tell them you VOTE, and ask them to get back to you and let you know what your Senator or House Representative is going to do about this.

This is going to be a huge effort, and we are extremely grateful to the scientists on whose work we rely, on our network of experts and advisors, on our funders, and on all of you for your support and encouragement.
– The Grassroots Team
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