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Should parents be told which children are non-vaccinated in their child’s class?

Paul Ramirez, Research Analyst 30 years with an IQ of 160, InFj MBTI.

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Of course not, just like they shouldn’t be told what race the children in their classes are or what beliefs they have about religion.

People are brain washed about vaccines as if they are manna from heaven. Vaccines are not proven safe by science. As long as no randomized double blind inert placebo controlled safety studies have been done we cant know if vaccines are truly safe. Not in principle and not in practice. Anecdote is not science. Saying we would know by now if vaccines are safe shows we are involved in an experiment and is an appeal to anecdote, patently not science.

What you suggest would only lead to discrimination against innocent kids. Because there is absolutely zero scientific evidence unvaccinated children are a threat to vaccinated children.

In fact just the opposite is true. Vaccinated children are far more of a threat to unvaccinated children and each other. Vaccines from live attenuated viruses can shed number one. Just look at polio in the Philippines. The strain of polio everyone is getting is the man made strain. Proving the vaccinated are to blame

Second vaccinated kids can be asymptomatic carriers of a virus. Means they can totally have something and yet show no symptoms. In this way infect innocent kids because everyone thinks they are fine due to appearances only.

If an unvaccinated child gets whooping cough for example its obvious because they have discernable symptoms and they know to stay home away from others. Not true of vaccinated kids. They can totally spread it and not even know they are doing it.

Asymptomatic carriers and vaccine shedding are far greater threats to society then unvaccinated children pose.

There is just no evidence having shown unvaccinated children are a threat to vaccinated ones. Especially if vaccines work.

But of course when vaccines don’t work they just try to falsely and erroneously blame the unvaccinated. MMR is powerless against a new strain of measles now out there, so instead of alerting the public they spread misinformation and lies that foster discrimination and hatred amongst ourselves. Just like with antibiotics new Stronger strains evolved because of them, so it is with vaccines, were forcing nature to evolve newer more virulent viruses.

Big pharma is our shared enemy, but they are succeeding in getting us to fight each other to shift attention away from their evil profiteering and protection of the image of their cash cow found in mandatory vaccines.

Look at the peer reviewed studies comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children.

We need to desperately follow up on these preliminary indications. We need larger studies based on laboratory blood testing, i.e the works. Studies not done by big pharma with zero ininfluence from big pharma.

It would end the vaccine debates once and for all. But alas the church of pharmaceutical mysticism will not bless such a study as it would end their reign and threaten the true goal of any false church, the profit and control.

That’s why they want to mandate vaccine, to hide the evidence that the comparison of vaccinated children to unvaccinated children will show! So they must at all costs rid themselves of the control group of the unvaccinated as they have the true power to destroy them and their reign over humanity.

It’s the same reason they refuse real science and wont do randomized double blind inert placebo controlled safety studies, because one group is vaccinated and the other unvaccinated. They can’t risk people seeking or seeing the true difference.

Just look at studies done comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children in other nations that use the DTP vaccine. Yes those getting DTP are safer from diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. But at a steep cost of a mortality rate 5x greater then the unvaccinated. Those vaccinated wind up less healthy overall and die 5 times as often from other causes not related to diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis! Does that make the vaccine effective overall?

I and many others think not!

We should not be discriminating against each other, we need to co focus on the real enemy of big pharma. We need to demand vaccines safe for all with no unintended consequences like 5x the mortality rate, and more susceptibility to others ailments!

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