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I voted for Bernie in the Washington caucus.

Bernie is by far the best candidate. I endorse him. Bernie is a green, progressive, New Deal Democrat, as am I. I may even be greener and more progressive than Bernie. I do not know his positions on all the issues I raise.

Capitalism must be made to work for all. Capitalism is unable to regulate itself, unable to avoid excesses, and that is where the “socialism” of Bernie comes in. We need to reign in the excesses of big corporations. The state does not need to own them, just to make them behave. Bernie says he is a democratic socialist, but really he is a social democrat, a la Franklin Roosevelt. Bernie, like FDR, could be the savior of capitalism.

Bernie is running against Hillary, the Wall Street, pro-Monsanto Democrat. Just as I am running against Jay Inslee, another Wall Street, pro-Monsanto Democrat.

Bernie’s chances of willing the Democratic nomination are not great. However, there is the possibility that Hillary will be prosecuted criminally. As of July 7 the FBI had declared that she had committed no prosecutable crime. However, as of July 8 the State Department said it was reviewing the case. Stranger things have happened. Bernie might yet win the Democratic nomination. Bernie_Sanders_2005

I wrote the following letter to Bernie, telling him that I endorsed him and that I would be honored if he would endorse me:

Dear Bernie,

Now that Hillary will not be charged criminally and is almost certain to be the Democratic nominee, what should you do between now and the Convention? What should you do if Hillary is nominated? And what should you do if she is elected?

I am aware that you are lending campaign assistance to the green, progressive campaigns of several other candidates. My humble suggestion is that you expand the scope of your revolution and give campaign assistance to green, progressive Democrats across the country, including my campaign for Washington governor. I am running as a “Berniecrat”. See:

Republicans and Wall Street Democrats occupy more and more elective positions on all levels, US Senate, US House, governorships, state representatives, state senators, mayors, county executives, city council representatives, county council representatives, and judgeships on all levels.

You say your campaign is a revolution. You have not described the scope of your revolution. I suggest it should mean you will carry on your campaign long term and on all levels, for all green, progressives and keep doing so during upcoming primaries, November elections, and elections to come. Turn on your fund raising machine and keep campaigning on all levels for all good candidates. Keep your revolution going. Your revolution should not stop with your loss of the Democratic nomination.

If you do this, it will become clear that many more green progressives will be elected, and that with your help Democrats will be more likely to win the House and Senate. Then you will have a better chance at the Convention of being the nominee. You are the better candidate. You are stronger financially. It will still be unlikely, but it is not impossible. Don’t give up.

I suggest that if you are not the Democratic nominee, that you consider running again in 2020 or begin working with someone like Sherrod Brown to be the 2020 candidate.

I am suggesting that your revolution be a continuous, non-stop, full frontal, fifty state assault on all levels, supporting green progressives and opposing Republicans and Wall Street Democrats.

I am suggesting that you not endorse Hillary until she has been confirmed at the Convention as the nominee. I am suggesting that if she is the nominee that you endorse her and encourage your supporters to campaign for her and vote for her, at the same time expressing their points of disagreement. The reason for supporting if she is the nominee is that at least Hillary will listen to progressives. If Hillary is elected, if progressives put sufficient pressure against her and give her sufficient political cover, she will adopt progressive positions. If Trump is elected, he will not listen to progressives at all. A revolution takes calculated steps if they make eventual victory more likely. In four years Trump could do great damage to the country.

I encourage you, once Hillary becomes the candidate and throughout her campaign, to continue to pressure her to change her positions, while at the same time urging all to vote for her.

I encourage you at the same time to campaign nationwide for all green progressives, including myself. I am running in the August 2 primary against Jay Inslee as a green, progressive Democrat for the Washington governorship. I hope you will not endorse Jay Inslee. He is a Democratic Leadership Council Democrat.

The assistance you could provide for me would be for you to tweet on Twitter and post on Facebook about my campaign and to encourage your supporters to do the same. I am trying to raise 10,000 $1 donations.

Although I am running for an office in one state, our revolution should be nationwide. We should be supporting progressives in all races throughout the country.

And if you are coming to Washington before our August 2 primary, I would be honored to arrange or attend a joint event with you. I am running a social media oriented campaign. I believe I have an outside chance of beating Jay Inslee for the Democratic nomination for Washington governor. If I am eliminated in our top-two primary, I will have an even better chance of winning in 2020.


James Robert Deal, Attorney

WSBA Number 8103


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