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What has caused the rate of autism to jump from 1 in 2000 children in the 1970s and 1980s to 1 in 59 children in 2014?

Ada Drinkwater, BS Psychology & Sociology, MCC & UCA (1982)

Probably a number of things may cause; trigger; “contribute to” autism. Anything which leads to brain inflammation & swelling &/or gut damage which affects the brain can probably cause it. And we live with so much environmental pollution now that there are plenty of possible culprits to choose among.

But vaccines top my list. Autism has risen right along with the increase in the number of vaccinations & continues to climb. They contain a strange mix including aluminum which is a well-recognized neurotoxin & which several studies have shown does NOT leave the body quickly as we have long been told but is transported to the brain instead. They are given to babies now starting from day-one and they are piled on several at a time even being given to sick children. Studies have shown that a hyper activation of the immune system may lead to autism. And vaccines are specifically designed to elicit a strong immune reaction. Especially when vaccination is coupled with some illness or other immune activating condition in the child (like too many shots given at once) it appears that it is a scenario for possible disaster. Add to that all that the thousands of reports by parents that their child regressed right after a vaccination; far, far too many to be coincidence.

Now we even give flu shots to babies at 6 months and they still contain mercury. We vaccinate during pregnancy when the vaccine says right on the label that it hasn’t been tested on pregnant woman & there are many reports of miscarriage & stillbirth among the injected mothers. Also studies which suggest that over-activation of a pregnant woman’s immune system may be linked to an increased incidence of autism in her child.

There may be a genetic component; “tendency” in some cases. But I think the claim of so many diseases being genetic is over-emphasized now days because it distracts from the real causes which I believe are, pretty obviously, environmental & lifestyle. (I say “obviously”, because in many cases one can prove it to himself by changing to a healthy diet & modifying other habits.) The over-used claim of genetics as causative lets us off the hook as individuals from DOING anything about it. At the same time it let’s the purveyors of junk food, unsafe toiletries, carcinogenic agricultural products & dozens of other things off the hook so they can continue with little concern for safety first.

J. B. Handley’s new book “How To End The Autism Epidemic” pulls together a lot of science & discusses some really interesting legal aspects to the autism debate. I think EVERYONE should read it, especially before spouting off about the supposedly settled, supposedly totally-disproven link! I had read many of the studies before. But what was especially telling was the additional information on the Hannah Poling case.

Some may recall that her case was briefly in the news as the first and only autism case that was recognized as such & compensated by the “vaccine court”. Now in looking back at records of previously compensated cases, investigators have unearthed 83 additional cases with nearly identical circumstances & symptoms. They were all compensated, but the regression just was never CALLED “autism”. It was “encephalitis” or brain swelling/inflammation etc. So it appears that the vaccine court has been quietly compensating autism for many years as long as there is no mention of that hot-button word “autism” . The rest of the past cases are sealed. If they can ever be opened for inspection no telling how many additional autism compensations may be revealed.

In addition, Handley spotlights the sworn depositions of two of the top autism specialists in which they affirm that Yes, under some circumstances, vaccination CAN cause autism. And that stance represents a complete 180 about-face for both of them since they had each previously served as expert witnesses saying the exact opposite. But they’d found the Hannah Poling case so well documented & so compelling that it completely changed their minds.

My response to Ada:

The medical industry is now vaccinating pregnant women, meaning they are vaccinating fetuses. Truly amazing! These fetus vaccinators are blinded by greed. The explanation is that once a cash flow gets going it has a life of its own. A corporation with a defective code of ethics is a malignant form of artificial intelligence.

Vaccines – An Attorney Viewpoint – Washington Politics

Daniel Garcia

Answered Oct 9

I guess there are several factors. Some environmental (e.g toxin exposure,vaccines) and others are diagnostic changes and more awareness.

Up to 30–40% of children diagnosed experience something called regressive autism that means they develop normally, acquire language, make eye contact etc. and then they lose their previously acquired skills, sometimes quite rapidly and some never recover and get back to their previous level of functioning.

It’s believed that autistic regression can be triggered by immune activation and inflammation at the wrong time during neurodevelopment. This inflammation can be caused by an infection but also by vaccination.[1]

Studies were never designed to identify subgroups of children that may have adverse reactions to vaccines. They look at one single vaccine and compare the autism rates of vaccinated to other vaccinated children.

Other possible environmental causes are: Prescription drugs taken in pregnancy, air pollution, mercury exposure and advanced parental age.


[1] Daniel Garcia’s answer to If vaccines don’t cause autism, how did Hanna Poling’s vaccine-induced autism case win in vaccine court?

If vaccines don’t cause autism, how did Hanna Poling’s vaccine-induced autism case win in vaccine court?

Daniel Garcia

Answered Oct 1

Well, they do cause autism in some cases and everyone knew it but they did a great job at redefining it as autism-like features and claiming that it was unique and rare.

It’s of course nonsense because Hannah Poling had a DSM-IV diagnosis of ASD not just some autism-like symptoms as the media likes to tell you and autism is diagnosed based on behaviour and symptoms not laboratory testing and mitochondrial disorders in people with ASD are not rare, up to 40% have them.

The reason why they didn’t want to admit it was as usual, money.

If they had admitted it they would have had to compensate thousands of families.

In that case they had paid $20 million for one individual . Do the math. For 5 thousand cases they would have to pay $100 billion. Total payouts for vaccine injuries were $3 billion so far.

Read the link to learn more:

Here is what the father, Dr. Poling, a neurologist says:

“Dr. Poling: The Department of Health and Human Services conceded that my daughter’s medical problems, which are autism, encephalopathy, seizures, were brought on by vaccination.”

“I wouldn’t have believed it until it happened to me. As a doctor, until it happened to me, until I saw the regression, until I saw a normal 18-month-old toddler descend into autism, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.”

Emerging evidence suggests that mitochondrial dysfunction may not be rare at all among children with autism. . . . In fact, mitochondrial dysfunction may be the most common medical condition associated with autism. . . . National public health leaders, including those at CDC, must now recognize the paradigm shift caused by this biological marker with regard to their current position of dispelling a vaccine-autism link.

The Clear Legal Basis that Vaccines Cause Autism

The current scientific evidence does not exclude the possibility that vaccines cause autism in a significant number of cases:

Daniel Garcia’s answer to Which studies were conducted to prove that vaccines don’t cause autism?

Which studies were conducted to prove that vaccines don’t cause autism?

Daniel Garcia

Updated Sat

Depends on how you view it but I say not one single one.

There is one vaccine that has been studied in relation to Autism, the MMR vaccine and the control group in these studies were vaccinated children.

Obviously that is not a good way to answer the question whether or not vaccines can cause autism.

You can’t make the claim vaccines don’t cause Autism when we have never investigated whether or not unvaccinated children develop autism at the same rate of vaccinated children or whether or not the old childhood vaccination schedule from the seventies or eighties leads to the same number of autism cases as the 2018 schedule. We give over 10 different vaccines today and we have studied only one single vaccine, the MMR vaccine. We can’t say we know that all vaccines don’t cause autism when we studied only 1 vaccine.

There are a lot of media reports claiming rates of vaccinated children are the same as in unvaccinated children but buyer beware, a closer look reveals that all children in the studies they mention were vaccinated. Makes you wonder why they claim that vaccinated were compared to unvaccinated children.

To make things even worse there are a few little secrets the media don’t talk about.

Many MMR studies show that MMR vaccinated children have a lower risk of developing autism compared to children that did not receive the MMR vaccine.

This is an image from Taylor et al 2014 a meta-analysis of Autism studies.

An odds ratio of 1 means the children vaccinated with MMR are as likely to develop autism as the children that are not vaccinated with MMR, a number above 1 means they are more likely and below 1 means they are less likely to develop autism.

That would indicate that the MMR vaccine might actually have a protective effect against autism.

Sounds too good to be true? It probably is.

Measles, Mumps and Rubella infections could in theory cause neurological problems and perhaps this could lead to neurodevelopmental problems but given the fact that they are really uncommon these days it seems really unlikely that the vaccine could prevent autism.

There could be some kind of bias in the studies and the children not vaccinated with MMR are more likely to develop Autism for reasons that are unrelated to the vaccine.

What is more likely is that children that already had a poor response to vaccinations or showed signs of neurodevelopmental problems or had some other health issues were not vaccinated with MMR because parents or doctors feared that it could make them worse.

The MMR vaccine is given the first time at 12 months, later than many other vaccines.

It’s not surprising that children that are already sick or that have had adverse reactions to vaccines are more likely to get diagnosed with autism than healthy and normally developing children that tolerated their vaccines well and receive the MMR for this reason.

This effect is called the healthy user bias which can distort study results and can make a harmful intervention look safe.[1]

In addition one of the authors of one of the most important MMR studies became a whistleblower and admitted that they did repeatedly find vaccines being associated with neurological problems or Autism but they tried to hide or downplay their findings[2][3] :

“Oh my God, I did not believe that we did what we did, but we did. It’s all there… This is the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper. I have great shame now when I meet families of kids with autism, because I have been part of the problem.”

"I was involved in deceiving millions of taxpayers regarding the potential negative side effects of vaccines."

Dr. William Thompson – CDC Whistleblower

Here are the MMR studies:

As one can see the whistleblower is one of the authors and the paper that was the lowest point in his career was the 2004 study, one of the studies the media relies on to reassure us that “vaccines don’t cause autism”.

“I have great shame now when I meet families of kids with autism, because I have been part of the problem.” Dr. Thompson

So it could be argued that even the MMR studies are questionable and possibly unreliable.

It is often claimed that we don’t need to study the vaccine autism connection because it was invented by Andrew Wakefield but the truth is that parents and doctors had described autistic regression following vaccination long before Dr. Wakefield had published his infamous paper.[4][5]

Regardless of whether or not the MMR studies are reliable we have never studied if repeated vaccination in the first years of life can cause autism.

The only study that did attempt this was the Mawson study[6] in 2017 that found an over 4 times greater risk of developing autism in vaccinated children. It did attract a lot of criticism and hatred but it certainly didn’t show that vaccines don’t cause autism.

Another thing to keep in mind is that epidemiological studies don’t necessarily tell us much about vulnerable subgroups:

The Clear Legal Basis that Vaccines Cause Autism

NIH Director Dr Bernadine Healy speaks about autism susceptibility

Other answers:

Daniel Garcia’s answer to How would pediatricians have to change their vaccination policies if JB Handley’s claims that vaccination and autism are linked are true?

Daniel Garcia’s answer to If vaccines don’t cause autism, how did Hanna Poling’s vaccine-induced autism case win in vaccine court?


[1] Healthy User Bias: The Fatal Flaw In Vaccine Safety Research

[2] CDC Whistleblower Discloses Deception

[3] CDC Whistle Blower Full Audio

[4] [Autistic syndrome (Kanner) and vaccination against smallpox (author’s transl)].

[5] Daniel Garcia’s answer to What was the motive behind the fake research that gave birth to anti-vaxxer movement?

[6] Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Mawson Homeschooled Study Reveals Who is Sicker


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