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Hello. I am James Deal, and I am running for the US Senate as a green. I am a lawyer in Lynnwood and a consumer protection activist. I am a vegan vegetarian for 35 years, a gardener, an amateur song writer, and a happily married husband. I ask for your vote.


Please turn in to my radio program on Sundays at 8 PM. Go to


We attorneys are urged to do pro bono work. My chosen pro bono work is to study the many profitable frauds and expose them, the profitable frauds which harm your health and waste your tax money.


The latest profitable fraud is smart meters. These have built in antennas and broadcast microwave radiation up to 190,000 times per day, penetrating your home and the entire neighborhood. Smart meters are flatly illegal because they violate the National Fire Code, which is part of the RCW.


Unlike your all metal analog meters with the wheel going around, plastic smart meters are not grounded. They are not sufficiently surge protected. They catch fire. They are not covered by some insurance policies.


The favorite in this race has written in support of smart meters.


From cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and now smart meters, we are being overdosed on microwave radiation. It sickens some and causes cancer in the long term. The new 5G is even worse. There will be nowhere to hide and we will be fried.


Free advice: Leave your cell phone on airplane mode most of the time, especially when you let your child play with it. Plug your computer and cell phone into cable. Turn off Wi-Fi at home, work and in schools.


Our goal should be to connect fiber to every home, business, and school.


Science quiz: How many atoms of lead are there in every quart of Seattle, Everett, or Tacoma tap water. Not a hundred, more. Not a thousand, more. Not a million, more. Not a billion, more. Three trillion atoms of lead in every quart of tap water. The lead comes as a bonus with the fluoride. (When emptied into river and Sound at the treatment center, it kills salmon.) Fluoridation, fluoride toothpaste, fluoride in the dental office are all profitable frauds. There are better ways to protect teeth.


Don’t drink tap water or cook with it. Do not use it to mix formula. Breast feed.


Roundup is another profitable fraud. It causes cancer. Roundup kills salmon. It should be banned. And we should become an organic nation.


My opponents make no mention of these profitable frauds. Maybe they do not understand science well enough to recognize the frauds. Maybe they take campaign money from the fraudsters.


And I have a plan which will eliminate traffic congestion. It is a system of vans, summoned by cell phone app, picking you up at home, not on a street corner in the dark and in the rain, like our inconvenient bus system, taking you to the Park & Ride or the grocery, taking you back home, a portal to portal service, specifically designed so you will not need a car to get around, taking you all the way to your destination, supplementing and connecting up our disconnected transit system.


My plan would take half the cars off the road. It is the ONLY plan that will work. It is by far the least expensive plan. It could be implemented in six months.


Have you noticed that most buses, even in Seattle at night, are driven mostly empty most of the time, costing $130 per hour to run? My plan would replace buses on underused routes with vans.


Another profitable fraud is drilling for oil and gas. I have a campaign theme song. Listen to it at

In it I say:


Hey, Exxon Mobil, look up not down.

To solar and wave.

Stop drilling now. The future is green.

Be a big green energy company.

Hey Shell Oil, how much did you spend?  

Eight billion dollars in the Chukchi Sea?  

You left. You said there was no oil, But really there’s a lot. 

It was Mother Nature’s storms that drove you off. 


Eight billion dollars  

Would build enough solar  

Enough solar power to permanently power

two hundred thirty thousand homes.  


And we should lower the voting age to 17. We need students’ input.


I hereby challenge my opponents to debate here on TVW and state their position on these issues.


Please tune in to my radio program on Sundays at 8 PM. Go to


I ask for your vote.



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