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Broker & Attorney

Real Estate Broker & Attorney

I will continue to work during my campaign, as a real estate broker and attorney. The more money I can earn as a broker and attorney, the more money I can donate to my campaign.

My mother advised me not to be shy about asking for business. So I will not be shy:

If you want to help me so that I can better finance my campaign, then hire me as your broker and refer your friends. You will get a hard working and effective broker, and you will get related legal advice in most cases for no extra charge.

And if you share my goals for Washington, please donate at least $1. Every $1 donation is a vote of confidence. 

I have 35 years of experience with seller financing. Seller financing can be good for sellers who do not have to be cashed out or who have relatively little equity in their properties. If you are willing to sell on contract, you can usually sell your property faster and for a better price. And you will have a monthly income at a good interest rate secured by real estate. 

I enjoy helping brokers put together seller financed transactions.

I enjoy working with sellers as a listing broker.  If a seller hires me to list, the seller also gets legal advice pertaining to the transaction in most cases for no extra charge. With many transactions, sellers really should consult with counsel.

I am also a buyer broker. I work with all buyers, but I especially like to work with buyers who want or must buy using seller financing. If you can pay ten percent down and have a steady income, I can help you buy a home.

I also modify mortgages and do foreclosure defense, helping people to avoid losing their homes.

Again, I hope you will not take offense at the fact that I am promoting my business on a political web site. I am not a Microsoft millionaire. This is America. This is my web site. And I have to produce a substantial income to be able to afford the effective campaign I need to run.

Call me at 425-774-6611, 888-999-2022
Email me at James at JamesDeal dot com
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