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July 30, 2018 – Seattle WA – For Immediate Release.

Attorney James Robert Deal has challenged Maria Cantwell to state her position on green issues and to debate Deal and the other candidates for the position of US Senator representing Washington state.

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Deal accuses Cantwell of being a tool of Big Wireless and of supporting smart meters since at least 2009.

Smart meters and 5G are profitable frauds. The New Mexico Public Service Commission ruled against their installation, saying:

“The [smart meter] plan presented in the Application does not provide a net public benefit and it does not promote the public interest.”

Another fraud is fluoridation, which brings with it 3.0 trillion atoms of lead per liter of Seattle, Everett, Tacoma fluoridated water. Fluoride toothpaste and fluoride in dental practice are also profitable frauds. There are better ways to protect teeth. Jay Inslee supports fluoridation unquestioningly, and so I presume that Maria does too.

Another profitable fraud is continuing to drill for oil and gas. All new energy company capital should go into building solar, wind, wave, and tide energy.

Another profitable fraud is that most local buses are driven mostly empty most of the time, in Seattle at night, and all day long everywhere else, at a cost of $130 per hour for 18 hours each day. A portal to portal van service, summoned by cell phone app, feeding passengers to and from mass transit, or to the grocery, is the cheapest solution, the quickest solution, and the only solution that will work. It will no longer be necessary to own a car.

Most insecticides and herbicides are profitable frauds. Organic farmers can grow abundant quantities of plants with none of these poisons. Robots can now take care of weeding. So herbicides are obsolete. Unless you eat only organic, you are eating carcinogenic Roundup in most foods. We should become an organic nation.

We say we want salmon runs to recover, but we spray Roundup on roads and lawns everywhere, and we dump fluoridated waste water into rivers at treatment plants. Both Roundup and fluoride kill salmon.

The Democratic Party at the base is progressive and green. By the time you get to the level where Maria Cantwell and Jay Inslee are, you find they are not green at all.

Proposed time, place, and sponsor for debate: 8 PM Thursday, August 2, TVW in Olympia, with participation in person or by telephone. The rules would be one minute for each candidate taking terms. The sponsor would be the League of Women Voters.


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