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I have some news regarding the pending request for reconsideration of the FCC’s March 30 5G decision and the pending court appeal in the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Please pass this email along to anyone else who might be interested.

As you may recall, I filed a thorough request for reconsideration of the FCC 5G decision because, under the applicable law, I could not go directly to court without giving the FCC a chance to review my arguments. Many of you, including EHT, filed "me-too" requests for reconsideration based on my filing.

Meanwhile, the NRDC and several Native American Tribes went ahead and filed court appeals. They could do this because they had earlier filed comments in the FCC proceeding.

More recently, the FCC has filed a motion in Court asking the Court to hold the appeals of its decision in abeyance, i.e. suspending the appeals process, until the FCC has ruled on the pending requests for reconsideration. This would be okay if there were a deadline for the FCC to act on the reconsideration requests. But there is NO DEADLINE and the FCC has a history of sitting on requests for reconsideration, thereby preventing people from going to Court for years!!

So we have a basically no-win situation. If EHT and I don’t withdraw our requests for reconsideration, the Court is liable to put the NRDC’s appeal and other appeals on hold and yet there will be no obligation for the FCC to act on the request for reconsideration at any particular time, plus the new position of the FCC allowing the deployment of high frequency cell towers without any environmental review will move forward.

The NRDC’s attorney and the attorneys for the other appellants have asked whether EHT and I would consider withdrawing our requests for reconsideration. I believe this makes sense under the circumstances since, if we don’t withdraw, the Court appeal will be in limbo and the FCC’s egregious new policy will be unchallenged. I will plan on intervening for myself in the Court case and thereby have a chance to brief the issues. The FCC may challenge my right to raise some issues that were not raised by anyone in the FCC proceeding other than myself. But that is a relatively small price to pay in the scheme of things.

I just wanted you all to know the state of play so that you are not surprised to learn that I have withdrawn my request for reconsideration. The action now moves to the Court (where we have a better chance of success in my opinion though not a sure thing by any stretch).

One additional thought. Insofar as any of you filed requests for reconsideration incorporating my request by reference, it is an open question as to whether those requests will continue to sit in the FCC docket as pending pleadings. If they do, the FCC will argue that there is still a need to hold the court case in abeyance. I have argued this possibility to the attorneys for the NRDC and Tribes but they think the concern is not well-founded. We disagree on this point but only time and the Court’s action will tell. Just wanted you to know.


Ed Myers


Please watch this amazing video presentation by Cece Doucette to the Board of Health in Ashland, MA.

What’s extraordinary is not only Cece’s clarity of thought and extremely well sequenced presentation, but more, it’s her calm and respectful demeanor that invites receptivity to the information she is sharing.

Cece communicates to the Board members that she respects their integrity…they just need better information. And all while not compromising her message or mincing words.

With her calm manner, Cece has raised public awareness in MA and is currently escorting 8 EMF bills through the state legislature.

Cece writes:

"This is not a wait-and-see issue, however. The industry is pushing fast to put toxic 5G infrastructure in our neighborhoods — cell antennas every two to 12 houses — and our municipal leaders simply do not know of the health risks. All they hear is the industry will give them revenue if they let them put up more cell antennas for faster speeds. And what town wouldn’t appreciate an easy revenue stream? But not at the expense of our health and that of our children."

Cece writes:
"I hope you will share the following video to help educate your own schools, town managers, boards of health, librarians, senators and state representative. Most simply, they have no idea wireless is toxic."


My name is Benjamin Zieske and I am president of the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Foundation. We are a small non-profit organization that is fundraising to create a white zone in rural Portugal. We’ve all met people who have been forced from their homes by invasive electromagnetic signals. We at the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Foundation believe that the best way to help these people is to create a place where they can stay in a supportive community free from harmful radiation. In order to make that happen, we’re going to need a lot of help.

Anything you can do at the EMF Safety Network to spread the word about our website and our cause will bring us so much closer to providing a home for those people who need it most.

Thanks so much and feel free to get in touch.



Wireless consumes far more energy than wired technologies. To support this statement, some people cite the article, Energy Consumption in Wired and Wireless Access Networks that states that wireless uses 10 times more energy than wired technologies. But this number is conservative.

I prefer to use Kris De Decker’s article, Why We Need a Speed Limit for the Internet which states:
"A wired connection (DSL, cable, fibre) is the most energy efficient method to access the network. Wireless access through WiFi increases the energy use, but only slightly. However, if wireless access is made through a cellular network tower, energy use soars. Wireless traffic through 3G uses 15 times more energy than WiFi [and by extension slightly more than this when compared to using a wired connection at the premises], while 4G consumes 23 times more [again, by extension slightly more than this when compared
to using a wired connection at the premises]."

Bottom line: As stated in The Power of the Wireless Cloud: “Wireless access networks are clearly the biggest and most inefficient consumer of energy in the cloud environment.”

However you choose to support the fact that wireless consumes far more energy than wired, legislators, who are being led to believe that wireless is a “green” technology, need to hear this.

For more on energy consumption, please see


Needless to say, the move to 5g and the IoT will provide treasure troves more data for NSA.

Following is the link to an in depth article on the travel routes of our Internet data, the eight “peering hubs” in the US, who carries the data, and how much NSA has access to.

"AT&T currently boasts 19,500 ‘points of presence’ in 149 countries where internet traffic is exchanged. But only eight of the company’s facilities in the U.S. offer direct access to its ‘common backbone’ – key data routes that carry vast amounts of emails, internet chats, social media updates, and internet browsing sessions. These eight locations are among the most important in AT&T’s global network. They are also highly valued by the NSA, documents indicate."


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