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Topic: Attorney Deal Cites 16 Reasons Why Governor Inslee Should Have Vetoed Mandatory MMR Vaccine Bill

From: James Robert Deal, Attorney

Contact: 425-771-1110,

To: All media

For release: May 8, 2019

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Lynnwood Attorney James Robert Deal releases the following information:

The Washington Legislature recently passed a law which will eliminate philosophical and personal objections to the MMR vaccine, making vaccination with the MMR a precondition in most cases to attending public or private school or daycare. Governor Jay Inslee has not yet signed the bill into law.

Deal offers 16 reasons why Governor Inslee should veto the new MMR vaccination bill:

1) The MMR package insert lists serious adverse reactions which the MMR has caused, including diabetes, arthritis, encephalitis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and death. See: It is wrong to trade one malady for another. The National Vaccine Information Center reports that only two people in the United States have died from measles over the past ten years, while around 108 have died in reaction to the MMR. The MMR does more harm than good.

2) The number of measles deaths has dropped in Western countries. MMR supporters give the MMR credit for this reduction. However, almost all of the reduction occurred before the measles vaccine was introduced. Vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century.” Vaccination reduces the number of overt cases of measles but not the number of deaths from measles.

3) The law is an overreach. The current, small epidemic is a measles epidemic, not a mumps or rubella epidemic. Eliminating informed consent is a serious matter. The law would nullify informed consent as to two diseases which are not epidemic.

4) The MMR is a tri-valent, combo vaccine. It is three in one. There are serious adverse reactions from the MMR, and because it is a combo vaccine, we cannot tell which of the three component is causing the adverse reactions.

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5) The MMR has never been double blind tested against an inert placebo. It was approved after testing on only 800 people.

6) MMR supporters say that 95% must be vaccinated to stop measles. For several reasons it is mathematically impossible to get to 95%. Protection wears off, which is why boosters are given. In many outbreaks large percentages of those coming down with measles have been fully vaccinated. The vaccine just does not work on some. Adults are not generally re-vaccinated for measles, and so most have lost all immunity. Because it is impossible to reach the 95% level, there is no rational legal basis for mandating the MMR and depriving parents of their right of informed consent.

7) Some cannot be vaccinated because they have autoimmune disorders. However, the MMR itself can cause autoimmune disorders. One study found that ‘a failed cellular immune response to measles vaccine is a potential cause of autoimmunity.’” My son should not be required to be vaccinated in order to protect those children who have an autoimmune disorder because the MMR may cause him to develop his own autoimmune disorder.

8) Measles is mostly harmless to adolescents but especially harmful to babies, to pregnant women, and to adults in general. Ironically, routine vaccination against measles has increased incidence of measles in all three groups. A boy or girl who contracts wild measles as a child is immune for life. When a girl later gets pregnant, she cannot catch measles. And she will pass her immunity into her baby.

On the other hand, girls who are vaccinated as children may have lost their immunity when they later become pregnant. They can catch measles while pregnant and will have no immunity to pass on to their babies. Vaccinating against measles has shifted the population which typically contracts measles, from adolescents who handle measles relatively well, to adults and babies who do not.

9) The MMR does cause autism, as the CDC found in a 2004 study. CDC heads did not like the autism finding, so they held a garbage can party and trashed the offending evidence. In that study autism appeared mostly in black boys. CDC heads eliminated all subjects who had not presented a birth certificate, who were mostly black children. In so doing, they reversed the finding. In 2014 William Thompson, who had been present at the garbage can party, publicly disclosed the fraud. The media has almost completely ignored this story.

10) The Supreme Court, in justifying almost complete immunity for vaccine manufacturers under the Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, has referred to the CDC vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe”, explaining that those who take them should know they are taking a risk and are therefore accepting the risk.

11) Vaccine manufacturers are immune from all liability provided they fully disclose all known risks. The MMR package insert discloses the many harms the MMR is known to cause. However, package inserts are almost never shown to parents. In the early years of the Vaccine Injury Act, medical doctors had to obtain signatures from parents indicating informed consent. This took too much of their time, and so the requirement was waived. Disclosure is inadequate, which therefore undermines immunity from liability.

12) There was no provision and no discussion in the Vaccine Injury Act about making any vaccines mandatory. The CDC childhood vaccines are experimental. An experimental vaccine should not be mandatory.

13) MMR components are all grown in cells from aborted fetuses. The MMR contains gelatin from pig bones. It contains bovine cells and recombinant human cells. Thus, the MMR is not kosher, not halal, not nihil obstat, not vegan, and not non-GMO. Religious objections are inevitable, and the state should not be put in the position of deciding religious questions.

14) The Washington Constitution makes education the paramount duty of the state but says little about health. If we are excluding children from school who are not sick with measles, we will be violating their constitutional rights.

15) Pediatricians receive $400 per year for each fully vaccinated child, which is worth $400,000 per year in a practice with 1,000 children. This is why many pediatricians refuse to treat unvaccinated children. These undisclosed kickbacks compromise doctors and explain their unquestioning support of the CDC vaccines.

16) The CDC, FDA, elected representatives, state and county health departments, medical schools, and medical practices all receive generous funding from Big Pharma. TV networks receive enormous fees for pharmaceutical ads. All of these groups should be considered captured and not credible sources of information about vaccine safety. Once a cash flow gets going, it is hard to stop. People are easily convinced by white coats. The MMR is a self-perpetuating profitable fraud.

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