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16 Reasons Why Governor Inslee Should Have Vetoed Mandatory Vaccination Bill

Deal says: Only two people in the United States have died from measles in the past ten years, while around 108 have died in reaction to the MMR. Many thousands have been sickened. The MMR changes measles from a less harmful childhood disease to a more harmful baby disease, pregnant mother disease, and adult disease. It contains toxic additives. The MMR is not kosher, not halal, not nihil obstat, not vegan, and not non-GMO.

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Vaccines – An Attorney Viewpoint

Attorney Analysis of Vaccines. Each vaccine must be safe, effective, necessary, and should not spread the disease. All the vaccines on the CDC list of approved vaccines fail most or all of these tests. The only vaccines which pass all these tests are the homeopathic vaccines.

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cartoons by Go With Flo

Florie Freshman is a political cartoonist. Florie lives in south Scotsdale, where she observes Waymo on a daily basis driving around testing self driving cars, irradiating all with radar and lidar.

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