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ELEMINATE TRAFFIC CONGESTION. Our current mass transit system does not pick us up where we are or take us all the way to where we are going. It is disconnected and difficult to use. So most of us don’t use it. Most local buses are mostly empty most of the time. This is a waste of tax money and a failure to deliver services. Too many of us drive SOV, filling up the roads. Transit center parking is maxed out. Mass transit will be a limited success unless we solve the last problem and develop an easy way to get to and from the mass transit. The solution is vans summoned by Uber cell phone technology, delivering us from home to transit centers and local destinations. It should be possible to get around without owning a car. If elected I will apply for appointment to transit boards.


DO NOT DRINK LYNNWOOD WATER. So-called fluoride added to our water is smokestack scrubbed, toxic waste filth from fertilizer production. It contains lead and arsenic. It leaches lead from plumbing. Fluoridation adds around 3 trillion atoms of lead to each quart of water. Fluoride harms the growing fetus, children, and the aged most. It lowers IQ. It is expense. There are better ways to prevent tooth decay. Most fluoridated water is flushed right into drains and then after treatment into streams, where it kills salmon. Fluoridation is a chemical company scam to sell filth for a profit. It is medical quackery. Those who support it are either suckers or fraudsters. Lynnwood can demand and could receive uncontaminated water from Everett.


BAN ROUNDUP IN LYNNWOOD. Roundup is a type 2A carcinogen, a confirmed carcinogen in animals and therefore a probable carcinogen in humans. Roundup kills fish. The city of Lynnwood and Lynnwood residents apply vast quantities of Roundup. It flows into streams and Sound, killing salmon. Other countries are banning Roundup.


ORGANIC GOLF COURSE. The money losing Lynnwood golf course applies highly toxic herbicides and fungicides to the course. These flow into streams and Sound. Labels admit these chemicals are “toxic to fish”. Martha’s Vineyard has a profitable organic golf course, and we should too.



Roundup kills salmon. Fluoride kills salmon. Golf course chemicals kill salmon. We want to save the salmon, but we poison them. Lynnwood could ban use of these chemicals under general zoning laws.


HOUSE THE HOMELESS. Housing the homeless is the right thing to do. And it costs less than detox centers, emergency rooms, shelters, and jails. Once housed, they are much more likely to get their lives together, earn money, and get clean. We should find funding and house the homeless without insisting that they be clean and sober as a prerequisite.


BUILD A FIBER OPTIC INTERNET. Comcast charges high prices for slow connections. Mount Vernon set up its own internet utility and now sells one gigabyte up and one down for $70 per month! It is a high tech business magnet. McGinn wanted it in Seattle. Lynnwood should do it.


SMART METERS, 5G ARE COMING. Smart meters blast out powerful microwave pulses every five seconds, reporting via poorly secured, hackable, cell signal to the PUD, which will collect data on your every electrical usage and sell it to marketers. They raise utility bills, catch fire, repel birds and insects. Seattle is installing them now to great opposition. For some the effect is debilitating. WHO says microwaves are Type 2B carcinogens. Schools and businesses should hard wire. Routers should be discouraged. High frequency G5 on every block will fry us all. Total microwave exposure is the issue.


ROLL BACK COMMERCIAL SERVICE AT PAINE. Alaska Airlines is setting up service at Paine Field. There are no limits on new carriers coming in or the number of flights. Within 20 years Paine Field will be SeaTac North. We will need a mega airport because SeaTac is maxing out. McChord is the best alternative. Extend Light Rail nine miles south of Tacoma to McCord. Once on Light Rail, you are almost at SeaTac or McChord.


LOWER THE VOTING AGE TO 17. Isle of Man, Austria, GuernseyJersey, Ecuador, Argentina, Nicaragua, Brazil, Estonia, and Malta all allow 16 and 17 years olds to vote.


ORGANIC SCHOOL GARDENS. The City Council has no jurisdiction over schools. However, I would use my position to encourage all schools to start year-round gardens. The cost is minimal. The educational value is great. All schools have room for gardens. Kids need to eat more vegetables. I am a gardener and a cook. I have recipes that will make kids crave vegetables. 

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Paid for by James Robert Deal for Lynnwood City Council, Box 2276, Lynnwood WA 98036


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