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Ban Smart Meters

Smart meters connect to utilities by cell phone technology. They blast out powerful microwave pulses every five seconds. For some the effect is debilitating, depending on proximity. Smart meters are insecure and open your home to hackers. They raise electric bills. They catch fire.

Seattle Now Installing Smart Meters

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously to force smart meters on all homes and businesses in the city, probably because the US Department of Energy is paying cities to make the change and because data accumulated by smart meters can be sold to marketers.

We Can End Traffic Congestion

Mass transit cannot eliminate traffic congestion without a better way to get to and from the mass transit. The solution is door-to-door transit using a fleet of vans operating on flexible routes, summoned by Uber smart phone technology, taking people all the way from where they are to where they are going.

How to Stop Lead Leaching Into Drinking Water

Fluorosilicic acid breaks down into silicic acid, which leaches lead strongly. To minimize lead leaching, stop adding lead-leaching fluoride. Stop adding chlorine or chloramine, which also leach lead. Purify water with ozonation and UV radiation. Coat the inside of pipes with calcium carbonate.

How to Eliminate Lead Leaching Into Drinking Water

The tap water in most of King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties is contaminated with fluorosilicic acid. It leaches lead from plumbing. When Tacoma stopped fluoridating, lead levels immediately dropped by half. Fluoridation is dental quackery.

Stop Spraying Carcinogenic Salmon Killing Roundup

The WHO has declared Roundup to be a proven carcinogen in animals and probable carcinogen in humans. Roundup kills salmon. France, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka are banning Roundup. Lynnwood could use its police and zoning powers to ban spraying of Roundup within the city.

Quit Poisoning the Salmon

Both fluoride and Roundup repel and kill salmon. Salmon are especially sensitive to fluoride. They must switch from excreting salt while in the ocean to absorbing salt – including fluoride salts – while in fresh water. They absorb fluoride and cannot excrete it. Roundup ties up minerals, which kills certain bacteria in the gut, thus interfering with digestion. It does the same in humans.

Vision - Town Center - Gondola

Light rail will not stop at Alderwood Mall. Lynnwood should build a goldola running from a town center building near the Lynnwood Transit Center to Alderwood Mall.

Organic Cities - Poisoned Cities

Virtually every golf course applies pesticides with “kills fish” on the label. Most cities spray Roundup on streets and parks, a known carcinogen. Non-organic wheat, soy, corn, and sugar beets are all doused with carcinogenic Roundup.

School Gardens

Kids need to eat more vegetables. They can learn to grow their own in school gardens and how to cook them in the school cafeteria.

Campaign Theme Song

Do unto others
As you would have
As you would have them
Do unto you

Why I Run For Office

I have run for office every year since 2012. My naive and conventional opponents ignore important green, progressive issues.I run to force opponents to address those issues. I run to wake people up. If I accomplish that, I will have won, even if I get fewer votes.


I am the issues candidate. My opponents avoid Issues. I am specific about goals. My opponents are not. So vote for me the next time I run.

Job Application of Attorney Deal for City Council

My opponents are nice people. But they are naive. They do not understand our errors and the powers we have as a city has to fix them. Lynnwood needs a progressive environmental attorney on the Council to lead the way.

Leaders Clueless About Lead And Fluoride

Fluoride used to fluoridate is a commercial grade toxic waste, which we consume from conception to death, two milligrams per day. Fluoride contains lead and leaches lead. After this vice has ended, we will look back in amazement at ourselves for having believed such a fraud. Jay Inslee supports fluoridation unquestioningly.

Pro-Fluoride Dentists - Complete Suckers

Fluoride does little or nothing to prevent tooth decay. And it is a long term chronic poison which accumulates in bones. Pro-fluoride dentists have been duped.

Build a Fiber Optic Internet

Mount Vernon has set up a city utility which Internet speeds of one delivers a gigabyte up and a gigabyte down for only $70 per month. This has lured high tech businesses to relocate there. Lynnwood should do the same.

Paine Field - No Commercial Service

If one airline sets up service at Paine Field, others can too. Paine Field will be SeaTac North. SeaTac has no room for expansion.We need a mega airport, but the best place for it would be McChord. Extend Light Rail nine miles sourth of Tacoma to McChord. Once on Light Rail, you are almost at SeaTac or McChord. Air service at Paine Field is unnecessary.

Toxic Golf Courses Should Go Green

Golf courses apply hundreds of pounds of toxic pesticides yearly, which flows into creeks and into Puget Sound. The labels say “kills fish”. There are profitable organic golf courses. We cannot restore salmon runs and keep dumping fish poison into salmon streams.

Sewage Sludge Dumped in Forests

King County utility districts are disposing of toxic residue from sewage water treatment plants in eastern King County forests and on cropland in eastern Washington. This is killing the forests and poisoning cropland.

Trapped in a Maze

Smart meters, fluoridation, Roundup, the CDC recommended vaccines, and nuclear power, and never-ending growth are all profitable fraud. How is it that we and our leaders are so easily duped? We are trapped in a maze.

Leaders Duped

Fluorosilicic acid adds 3 trillion atoms of lead to each quart of water and leaches even more from plumbing. Fraudsters wearing white coats say fluoridation is safe and effective. Our Health Department is duped. Our governor is duped. Our health department is duped. Our City Council is duped.

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My book is all about food, how we can grow our own food, how to cook it. It is about how diet relates to health, history, ethics, religion, and climate change.


Life is a tragedy, said an ancient sage,
a tragedy to those who feel.
a comedy to those who think.

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